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Visit to Mount Olympus

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TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP, VITROHELLAS and NOVACERT visited orchards of apples in the area of Sarantaporo.


On Sunday, 3rd April, Mr Vagelis Chaloulis, the president of TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP and the company’s agriculturist Ms Tzali Kalliopi along with the Vitro Hellas agriculturist Konstantinidi Ari and the Novacert agriculturist Mr Evagelopoulo Ioanni visited apple orchards in the wider area of West Olympus in the villages of ‘’Kokkinogi’’ and ‘’Farmaki’’. The purpose of the visit had educational character and advice was given to producers concerning the rules of tree trimming which will have to be applied to crops of dense planting. TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP, which handles the apples of the area with the title ‘’Apples from Olympus’’, praised their quality features. As Mr Chaloulis Vagelis stated the altitude of the area (600 – 650m), the special climatic conditions which the slopes of West Olympus give to the area in combination with the producers care have resulted in the production of particularly tasty apples with bright colour and flavor.


Green development and ecological sensitivity

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Tirnavos Fruit Coop , pioneering once again and with high sense of responsibility, encourages the idea of a Green economy and development by promoting the exploitation of renewable sources and the rational use of energy saving which come from various physical processes.

With coordinated actions of Tirnavos Fruit Coop managers and it’s scientific staff, having already the refrigeration facilities which are designed focusing on energy saving, checking electronically 24hours and recording all the data to achieve this goal, using already ecological coolant which is environmentally friendly, with a view to its protection, proceeded to award and implementation study to Ms Eleni Makarona’s company (environmental engineer).

The study includes:

1. Rainwater harvesting in tanks which are used for the watering of the lawn in the surrounding area as well as the washing of the company trucks.

2. The recycling of any waste which can be collected and placed in the bins in order to reduce pollution and health risks related to the incineration and landfill as well as reducing the amount of waste and disposal costs.

3.The installation of photovoltaic modules on the roof of the building (a dossier has been submitted to the responsible department force ≤100 kw, a total investment of 300.000€) because it is an evolving technology widespread throughout Europe, using the solar power, is an environmental investment, protects the environment, has zero emissions, minimal maintenance and long life up to 30 years.

4. The study also includes the participation in a research project of A.U.TH. (Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki) and it’s subject is fungicide without pesticides by having environmental awareness.

Moreover, Tirnavos Fruit Coop has assigned to a team of renowned academics the research for all the actions which must be taken in the prepicking stage of fruit in order to offer consumers safer and healthier products as well as in the postpicking stage particularly of those fruit which is long term storage so as to maintain its freshness and palatability. For the above research, the first estimates are expected in the early spring.




Tirnavos Fruit Coop pioneers

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TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP, pioneering once again in association with the companies NOVACERT Ltd and VITRO HELLAS S.A., organized a conference – information of its producers – suppliers – on Monday evening, 11th October 2010 at the Café ‘’En Tirnavo’’. The issues which were introduced by Mr Evaggelopoulo Ioanni, agriculturist Msc of plant protection A.U.TH. of Novacert Ltd concerned the disease of fire blight of pears, as well as Mr Konstantinidis Aris agriculturist of VITRO HELLAS S.A. presented all the latest developments about the new varieties and growing shapes of the main fruit.

The informative event was opened by the president Mr Chaloulis Vagelis who thanked the producers for their presence and his company’s staff that contributed to the excellent organization of the event. Mr Chaloulis laid emphasis on the current market trends and the consumers’ nutritional values who look for recognizable farm products of certified quality according to the international protocols. At the same time he said that we all together would have to protect the fame and the recognition that Tirnavos pears and particularly ‘’Crystal pears’’ have by the Greek consumers.

sygentrosi-2The conference was attended with great interest by the invited producers of TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP as well as by agriculturists of the local agricultural supplies stores. During the presentation and discussion that was followed, various subjects of technical content were analyzed. Special attention was given to the confrontation of the disease of fire blight in context of an integrated management system as the last growing season major damage occurred to the arborists of the wider area. Producers showed great interest about the current developments of the new growing shapes of the dense and hyper intense planting fruit.

TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP immediate plans are the deploying of an experimental orchard of demonstrative application in order the behavior of ‘’crystal pear’’ varieties in shape of dense planting to be examined. At the event the Member of the Parliament of Larisa Prefecture and candidate prefect of Thessaly periphery Mr Rontoulis Asterios who, after he heard carefully the speakers’ suggestions, emphasized that the state must encourage the producers effort to highlight the special qualities which make ‘’Tirnavitiko Achladi’’ unique. After the event, producers reception followed which was organized by the café ‘’En Tirnavo’’. TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP sincerely thanks everyone, who accepted its invitation, and promises to organize similar events in the future so that the producers of the area will be constantly informed about the latest development concerning the arborists.

ISO 22000

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TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP γCOOP has been struggling for nine consecutive years to produce and offer the Greek nature enthusiasts safe and quality products always taking into consideration the protection of the environment. All these years, we have created new infrastructure and implemented innovative production and management methods of fresh fruit and vegetables. Under the continuous improvement, since the beginning of 2009 we have implemented a system of Integrated Crop Management according to the internationally recognized protocol GLOBALGAP as well as a quality assurance system (ISO 22000) in the management and marketing of fresh agricultural products. For the development and implementation of these systems, the best professionals in the advisory services NOVACERT assisted us, which due to its long experience and its fully trained staff guarantees the quality of TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOPproducts from the field to the consumer’s shelf.

ISO 22000

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