ISO 22000

TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP γCOOP has been struggling for nine consecutive years to produce and offer the Greek nature enthusiasts safe and quality products always taking into consideration the protection of the environment. All these years, we have created new infrastructure and implemented innovative production and management methods of fresh fruit and vegetables. Under the continuous improvement, since the beginning of 2009 we have implemented a system of Integrated Crop Management according to the internationally recognized protocol GLOBALGAP as well as a quality assurance system (ISO 22000) in the management and marketing of fresh agricultural products. For the development and implementation of these systems, the best professionals in the advisory services NOVACERT assisted us, which due to its long experience and its fully trained staff guarantees the quality of TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOPproducts from the field to the consumer’s shelf.

Purpose and vision of TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP management is our producers – suppliers’ encouragement and making available to them all the means and tools that are needed for the application of the principles of sustainable agriculture which will give added value and prestige to the goods of our region making them recognizable in Greece and abroad. As a result of the above principles was the introduction of the name “Tirnavitiko Achladi”. The above proprietary name was the culmination of years of efforts for the emergence of the pear that is grown in Tirnavos area. Besides the application of the above quality systems, TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP has installed and applied a process of strict control and laboratory analysis to the majority of the traded products in order that our customers and consumers of our products will be sure for their safety. Our producers – suppliers co – operate harmoniously with our experienced geotechnical staff who directs and controls the whole productive process in the field. The delivery of their products is scheduled and they consult our agriculturist in order the harvest to be done in the most perfect stage of quality and safety.

In our modern, latest technology facilities all safety and hygiene rules and followed, which are defined by the law and the international standards we apply in order to achieve the best preservation of the products and their delivery at the consumer’s shelf as when they were cut off from the plant. Also, all the packaging materials we use, provide the maximum protection during the transport and disposal and are fully safe for the product and the consumer’s health as well as environmentally friendly.

To certify the implementation and the quality of all the above offered services and products we chose the most acclaimed and strictest inspection body in Greece and Europe the TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD). In this way, TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOPconstantly ensures to all customers who trust it all these years that its effort for the best quality and safety of the products that offers them continues faithfully adhering to the modern requirements of the legislation and the market.