Visit to Mount Olympus


TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP, VITROHELLAS and NOVACERT visited orchards of apples in the area of Sarantaporo.


On Sunday, 3rd April, Mr Vagelis Chaloulis, the president of TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP and the company’s agriculturist Ms Tzali Kalliopi along with the Vitro Hellas agriculturist Konstantinidi Ari and the Novacert agriculturist Mr Evagelopoulo Ioanni visited apple orchards in the wider area of West Olympus in the villages of ‘’Kokkinogi’’ and ‘’Farmaki’’. The purpose of the visit had educational character and advice was given to producers concerning the rules of tree trimming which will have to be applied to crops of dense planting. TIRNAVOS FRUIT COOP, which handles the apples of the area with the title ‘’Apples from Olympus’’, praised their quality features. As Mr Chaloulis Vagelis stated the altitude of the area (600 – 650m), the special climatic conditions which the slopes of West Olympus give to the area in combination with the producers care have resulted in the production of particularly tasty apples with bright colour and flavor.